Eskimos Snap Four Game Losing Skid

Eskimos Snap Four Game Losing Skid

It was one of the ugliest wins the Eskimos have had in recent memory. Of course, no one will remember that when this season is over! The Ottawa RedBlacks are not a very good football team and while I expected the Eskimos to come away with the win, they continued to struggle on offence. Preparing for this week’s contest against Ottawa, the Eskimos announced quarterback Trevor Harris would be placed on the six game injured list which meant the team would be in the hands of Chad Kilgore for the foreseeable future. I think this move has more to do with ‘salary’ rather than the severity of Harris’ injury.

It was Kilgore’s second start at quarterback and I was hoping to see improvement from what we saw last week. Unfortunately, his numbers were about the same and that was against an eighth ranked offence and defence. The first half of the game was error filled and neither team could find the end zone. Three field goals, two by the Eskimos and a punt single were all the teams could muster. While the defences get some credit for the low score, there were far too many mistakes by both teams. At one point in the second quarter, the Eskimos were 1-8 on second down conversions which reflected the 3-1 score in favour or Ottawa. A couple of late field goals allowed the Eskimos to take a 7-3 lead at half-time.

There was not a lot more offence in the second half by either team, but the Eskimos did manage to finally find the end zone in the third quarter to extend their lead. The RedBlacks under Dominique Davis slowly picked away at the Eskimos lead and tied the score 14-14 midway through the 4th quarter. Things took a turn for the worst when Davis was injured late in the fourth quarter. Jonathan Jennings came into the game and did not have the same success. The Eskimos responded with a quick four play 71 yard drive that resulted in the go ahead touchdown.

The ‘command center’ reviewed the touchdown catch and what looked like a bobble by Tevaun Smith was upheld resulting in the game winning points. There has been a fair bit of discussion surrounding the decision and while the Eskimos have been on the wrong end of command center decisions in the past, that was not the case this week. Regardless of how the team won…they won and that is all that matters. Now, the Eskimos sit one win away from securing a playoff spot this season and we all know that anything can happen once the playoffs start.

The Eskimos stayed out East for this weeks game against the Hamilton Tiger Cats. They will be looking for a win to secure that playoff spot they so badly want and to prove to their critics this team has what it takes to win. This week is an opportunity for the players and coaches to bond and come together in the hopes of doing just that…win!

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